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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 on the road

2009 Corvette ZR-1 at Barret Jackson Auction Lot # 1316

Fast & Furious 4: '70 Chevelle Rips It Up

Muscle Cars Illegal Drag Racing in Sweeden

El Camino

The Chevrolet El Camino was the very first of its kind to come to market.  Featuring a half pick up truck, half car body the El Camino is arguably the first Sport Utility vehicle to be produced on what is now known as a cross over platform.   It initially launched in 1959, but production abruptly ended soon after in 1960.  It was reborn based on the Chevelle platform in 1964 through to 1977, which is why it can be considered a true muscle car.  The SS model is naturally the enthusiasts choice with a massive 6.5L with 395hp!  First variants of the SS posted quarter mile times of 15.6 seconds according to GM mag.  With its light weight and utility, the El Camino was a huge sales success for GM.  Production didn’t end for this platform until 1987, which with few exceptions makes this model one of the longest running production muscle cars from this era (exceptions being of course the obvious Corvette, Mustang, Camaro etc).  In Australia, GM has been considering bringing an El Camino variant back to market in the form of this Pontiac G8 concept seen at autoshows a few years back.  Of course, with Pontiac now defunct, this project has been left up in the air.

1971 Dodge Swinger