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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Overview: 1967 Shelby GT500

The 1967 Shelby GT500 is said to be one of the most iconic muscle cars of that era. Carol Shelby set out to create a race ready monster out of Fords already potent 67 Mustang. In 67, Mustangs were equipped with the ever popular 289-cid V6 rated at 306-bhp. Also on the options list was the 320-bhp 390-cid four-barrel V-8. For the higher volume Shelby GT350, Carol maintained the 289-cid motor, albeit with completely reworked suspension and other performance enhancers. 1967 brought about an entirely new model however, the Shelby GT500. Normally reserved for the bigger Fords, Carol was able to wiggle the extremely powerful 428-cid “Police Interceptor” boasting 345-bhp into the Mustang. Borrowing many parts from the race ready 427-cid engine, Carol was able to create what some call, the ultimate muscle car of the decade, upping the regular hp up to 355-hp. Rivals were few and far between, a few strong opponents from Mopar and the General, but otherwise the Shelby GT500 was in a class of its own. Today, the GT500 is still one of the highest valued Muscle cars from the 60’s, often fetching well over $400k at auctions for numbers matching original models.

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