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Sunday, November 28, 2010

1960 Chrysler 300F

1960 saw Chrysler’s first official entrance into the muscle car segment in the Chrysler 300F.  Now, to be clear, a muscle car is simply a powerful big block V8 engine stuffed into a midsized coupe.  The styling of this intro car is questionable to many enthusiasts.  Truth be known, it looked like  a TBird a la Chrysler style.  The car actually spawned in the mid ‘50’s fitted with an already respectable 300hp Hemi engine.  Hemi would of course, become a marvel to reckon with on the dragstrips and is a concept still used by Chrysler in several of its platforms.  1960 was the first muscle car variant from Chrysler because thats when it finally saw some serious performance adders.  A dual-quad 413CI making 380hp replaced the previous motor and officially made this nameplate a contender on the streets.  The interior was no let down in the sporty department either.  Fitted with 4 bucket seats and a drivers seat that actually pivoted outwards for easier ingress and egress, the 300f may have been one of the most inventive interiors for this model year.  This car was a mid-life crises mans dream, offering style, luxury and plenty of power.  Unfortunately this clever addition never made it to the MOPAR division for serious upgrades, as its life came to an end by the end of the ‘60’s. 

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